01/16/2015 - The New

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Some key things to look for: 
-Bids can still be placed prior to the ending at the end.

-When the auction is getting ready to close, a red bar will appear on the event indicating "Items closing now, click here to view/bid". This link will directly bring you to items closing live.

-Every 30 seconds a new lot will appear in REAL-TIME.

-There will be no need to refresh your screen.

-If a bid is placed during the end, the clock will automatically extend and read "(extended)" next to the time.

-If you are the high bidder, it will be highlighted in green, if you are not it will be highlighted in red. You MUST BE REGISTERED to see this in the practice session. 

***Please Note*** There will be no credit card authorization for this auction, but we will still require you to register with your member account so that you are familiar with the registration and bidding process.

Need a tutorial? Click here

Thank you & Happy Bidding!

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